Accomodation facilities

Accomodation facilities

Benefits for hotels 

We are one of the leaders in the field  of online booking of travel services in Ukraine . Special attention is paid to hotel booking in all cities of Ukraine . The founders of the program  taken into account the accumulated experience of similar systems in the world , including such as,,,, and urban travel portals, New York , London, Prague , Tokyo , Moscow and other world tourist centers. UConcierge platform is integrated  for all information and travel portals of the program "".

The " “ carries out a model of work based on commission or agency fees. This model allows any hotel – small, five star or  hotel chain to increase profits, market presence and loading  hotel rooms booked through the Internet. Your hotel will have a separate web page in Ukrainian, Russian and English and receive a Vendor Cabinet  which will be able to manage service description , rates and availability of hotel rooms.

To guarantee the quality of services provided by the platform uConcierge, qualified experts in the field of tourism and hospitality  will perform categorization of  your hotel and estimate its category "Economy", "Standard" or "Premium".

Model of cooperation based on a commission fee

There are no registration fees or fixed costs. You only count off the commission of the profits. Our company does not charge fees for registration or cancellation of booking!

Tracking of information in real time

All hotels have an access to the uConcierde Vendor Cabinet system  which allows you to adjust the data as for the number of  rooms available, rates and offers , update the texts and pictures online. The hotel is provided with information about the number of visitors, bookings and the amount of commission to be paid . This statistics will optimize the loading of the hotel, and  the profit received from the sale of rooms.

Regional and urban tourist portals across Ukraine

The "" allows you  quickly and easily find your hotel portals of cities and regions of Ukraine  which gives the hotel an opportunity to expand your presence in the market of  online services without additional financial cost. Customers all over Ukraine and the world have an access to information about your hotel.

Various options of payment for services

All bookings are guaranteed by credit card. In accordance with agreement between the hotel and the system uConcierge guests pay for services directly at the hotel or  via the online terminal  uConcierge.


uConcierge  offers  hotel-partners technical support . Our staff will provide you with support in case of having to make changes to the information about the hotel, or rates information  and / or  rooms available. They can also answer your questions. You can contact us by phone, Skype or email.